News Release

The Minuteman Flames And
The New
Eastern Minor Hockey League

The Minuteman Flames, along with other Eastern Hockey Federation (EHF) Programs, and other competitive Programs affiliated with the EHF, are launching the new Eastern Minor Hockey League (EMHL) in the coming 2013-2014 Season. The EMHL is an opportunity for the accomplished youth hockey player to experience great competition, a robust, stable game schedule and minimized travel, while improving his/her hockey skills. The Minuteman Flames will be entering its AAA Division 2 teams in the EMHL.

The EMHL consists of six divisions, with 12 teams in each division at the Mite, Squirt Minor, Squirt Major, Pee Wee Minor, Pee Wee Major, Bantam Minor and Bantam Major levels. The twelve teams in each division will be divided into two 6 team subdivisions, the EMHL South, and the EMHL North, to minimize the travel. Each team will play the other 5 teams in its division 4 times, and each team in the other division twice, for a total of 32 round robin games. All games will count in the standings, and each team will have to travel to the other division teams only once each season.

There will be playoffs within each subdivision, with one or more teams advancing from these playoffs to the EMHL Championships for each division.

The EMHL offers it all!

For information on the EMHL, contact the EMHL Director, Wes Tuttle, at 978-423-8085.

Please visit the EMHL website to find out more about this exciting new league.